Hi! I’m Tammy Gemmell. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a DIT Culinary Arts Student from Dublin, so this translates to a baby chef. The lowest of the low, Kitchens are like Military Operations and we are the boot shiners and general dogs bodies. The point of this J1 for me is to improve and prove to myself that this is the job I really want to do. I’m Going to America for one year. No take backs or giving up half way through, its at least a 13 hour plane journey and $500.00 away from home so suck it up, keep calm and carry on!

I got the idea of doing this trip from a recruitment company who was doing a talk in my college for the day. I actually skived off that days practical to sit through their PowerPoint, worth it! BSG Interns recruit students from tourism colleges and send them over on different placement programs to country clubs in America.

I’m doing a split program, which means I’m doing 7 months in The Ibis Club in West Palm Beach, Florida! Then 5 months in a different location in a different club up north. They interview and organise the second placement once I’m in America. BSG organise trips and outings for us students and should be a good laugh. I’ll comment on those later.

If you have any suggestions for trips I should do or things you want to see and hear about, contact me anytime.



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